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MARIA ATKINS (Mother of student age 12)

Rusty’s Taekwondo is a wonderful and fun local martial arts club where my daughter has been attending for many years. She has grown in confidence, mentally and physically and continues to develop by learning in a friendly and encouraging environment. I applaud the instructor ‘Coach Rusty’, so patient with the students, teaching valuable skills without the putting profit first. It’s lovely how the club also gets the families involved in fun days, making it enjoyable for everyone. Thank you!

SASHA VENTURA (Mother of students aged 6 & 8)

Both of our boys have been training with Rusty Taekwondo since 5 yrs old! They absolutely LOVE it! Such a great sport and discipline and Russ is amazing with the kids! A great balance of FUN, FITNESS and FOCUS!

NISHA SONOO (Mother of students aged 7 & 10)

Rusty is a fab coach who is committed to all the children that he teaches. My children love their coaching sessions and want to attend even if they are unwell! The class is full of un and energy and Rusty sure opportunity for parents to watch so that you can see your children learn and develop. Great family run business who are truly passionate about what they do. Thank you Russ and Monique!

NUALA MCDERMOTT (Mother of student age 7)

"Amazing for the kids, learning so much from just 1 weekly lesson!"

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